How to Restore a Wood Burning Stove - Continued


Step #3 Apply New Cement

Stove Cement was used to reseal the seams of the wood stove. The directions indicate that the surface should be cleaned, but also be slightly moist when applying the new cement. I used paper towels and a hand towel to wet the seams.

A putty knife was used to apply the new cement.  Stove cement is  very thick and sticky, so it's difficult to work with.  The goal is to evenly distribute the cement, filling every crack and crevasse as well as possible.  The challenge it attempting to get as little cement on the stove where it's not needed as you can.  Excess cement will have to be sanded off, or 



The image to the right are the middle and bottom seams sealed with stove cement. Be liberal when applying the cement but be sure to wipe off excess as quickly as possible as the cement cures very quickly and is much easier to remove while still wet.

Tip: Use a wet paper towel to remove excess cement immediately and also to smooth over the newly cemented seam.

Below is the stove fully sealed with stove cement.



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