How to Restore a Wood Burning Stove - Continued

Step #4 Apply Stove Polish

Stove Cement is  used to restore the finish of your wood stove.  This stove is cast iron, at least most of the sections are, including the top, so polish is  preferred over spray paint.

First, clean the exterior with a brush, and then a damp towel or rag to remove dirt and other debris.

The with a damp rag, apply a light coat of polish.  The polish is very thick and a little will go a long way.




Tip: It can be easier and more effective to basically "scrub" the stove with the polish. 

The scrubbing action seems to almost penetrate the finish and it also makes it easier to get the polish into all of the ridges and decorative designs on this vintage wood stove.  You can instantly see that the polish will bring a deep dark finish to the old stove. 

You may need to do this twice depending if the first coat doesn't provide the desired coverage.


Step #5 Buff the Polished Stove

After allowing the polish to dry, take a dry clean rag and give the entire stove a buffing to complete the finish.


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